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MK Series

Digital Controllers  Digi-Pro digital controller is standard on MK-US10 - MK-US425 ESD digital controller is standard on MK-US550 - MK-US5000 Zero Clearance Compressed Air Filters with High Performance Elements Compressed Air Filter kit is standard on the Mikropor Dryers. The filter with X Element (coalescing filter for water removal) is used for up to 1 micron particles and the Filter with Y Element (coalescing filter for oil removal) is used to remove oil down to 0.01 ppm. Zero clearance design helps service technicians to replace the element in minutes. Mikropor Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed by engineers who have received all of the design feedback from field engineers and service technicians. This service friendly design makes Mikropor dryers very unique in the industry. Dryer Filter kit which has two elements, two viton o-rings helps the customers to operate the dryer at its best performance until the next planned maintenance. Columbus Compressor keeps many models in stock

MMD Series

The light weight modular design of the NEW dryer series brings a whole new concept in compressed air technology, offering total installation flexibility to meet specific needs. Mikropor’s new Modular Desiccant Dryers are less than the half weight and size of a traditional twin tower design, allowing even the largest models to be easily moved through a standard doorway. Mikropor’s innovative Modular Air Dryers make it easier and more affordable than ever to deliver high-quality compressed air for virtually wherever it’s needed.

Pneumatech nitrogen generator

The PPNG 6-68s series provides an efficient source of nitrogen for use in various industries like food and beverage, pharma, electronics and plastics. PPNG nitrogen generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to extract nitrogen molecules from the compressed air; and can reach purities from 95% up to 99,999%. Nitrogen pressures can go up to 12 barg without the need for an additional booster. The air factors of the PPNG6-68s range are outstanding, making the return on investment very attractive compared to traditional gas supply.

Prevost Aluminum Air Piping

Aluminum pipe is the preferred choice for movement of compressed air and inert gas due to its lack of introduction of contaminants to the air supply, as well as its ease of installation. . With aluminum piping, our technicians can modify existing piping, as well as efficiently build out new systems. We take pride in ensuring our installations are clean, organized, and most importantly the right fit for your application. Give us a call today to discuss our competitive pricing.

ProAir 2200

ProAir 2200 is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline monitor that can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases in real-time using internally mounted sensors. ProAir 2200 can be custom configured to monitor a variety of hazardous gases present in compressed air, including carbon monoxide, oxygen, dew point, carbon dioxide, VOCs, trace hydrocarbons and many other gases associated with OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air. ProAir 2200 is ENMET’s most advanced compressed airline monitor for process or breathing air requirements. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications from aerospace to pharmaceutical and can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs for compressed airline monitoring.

Process Liquid, Steam, and Sterile Filtration

Donaldson P-EG economical stainless steel housings are designed for the purification of compressed air, technical gases and steam. P-EG filter housings are designed to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates and accommodate a variety of connections including NPT, ANSI flange, Weld-End, and many more. A broad selection of filter elements is available to meet the compatibility and micron rating requirements of your process.