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MCY Series

Advantages • Best-in-class low package pressure drop saves energy consumption from the supplying air compressor. • Thermal mass technology offers stable pressure dewpoint at varying loads. • Mikropor state of the art “3 in 1” cast aluminum heat exchanger provides unmatched longevity & cooling. • Glycol cooling components are all stainless steel. • 150 F Max inlet temp design max air flow. Advanced “3 in 1” Heat Exchanger Thermally Optimized Encapsulated Design • Air to Air Exchanger • Thermal Mass to Air Exchanger • Multistage Moisture Separation High Strength Aluminium Design Large Surface Area for Heat Transfer Robust Cylindrical Casing Scroll Refrigerant Compressors: • Have fewer moving parts • Offer smoother and quieter operation • And are more reliable and more efficient than reciprocating types Digital controller and onboard filters (up to 2750 CFM) are standard

MK Series

Digital Controllers  Digi-Pro digital controller is standard on MK-US10 - MK-US425 ESD digital controller is standard on MK-US550 - MK-US5000 Zero Clearance Compressed Air Filters with High Performance Elements Compressed Air Filter kit is standard on the Mikropor Dryers. The filter with X Element (coalescing filter for water removal) is used for up to 1 micron particles and the Filter with Y Element (coalescing filter for oil removal) is used to remove oil down to 0.01 ppm. Zero clearance design helps service technicians to replace the element in minutes. Mikropor Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed by engineers who have received all of the design feedback from field engineers and service technicians. This service friendly design makes Mikropor dryers very unique in the industry. Dryer Filter kit which has two elements, two viton o-rings helps the customers to operate the dryer at its best performance until the next planned maintenance. Columbus Compressor keeps many models in stock